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About Us

Supreme Wire Products offers superior fabrication services by fusing our years of knowledge with innovative thinking and cutting edge technology. We have been serving for over 20 years in the metal fabrication industry. Each team member offers our company a plethora of technical and business expertise. We have been serving over 150 clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area since long.

Our Capabilities

With more than 25,000 square foot facility and highly qualified & well-trained workers in Toronto. Supreme Wire Products is able to provide a wide range of exceptional metal fabrication services, such as:

For more about our services, please see our Capabilities page.



How Can Our Clients Benefit from Our Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Services?

We are also an ideal solution for customers that like to have all of their metal fabrication services completed under one roof in order to decrease project completion times and costs. We are dedicated to becoming much more than simply another source of metal fabrication solutions. Our mission is to be a direct extension of the success of our clients.