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Brake Press Bending

Crafting Precision with SupremeWire’s Bending and Press Brake Services

At SupremeWire, we redefine metal shaping with our cutting-edge bending press brake machines. Our meticulous approach considers a myriad of factors, ensuring unparalleled results in every project.

Metal Type Matters: We meticulously define the metal type, understanding the nuances of each material’s physical properties. Whether it’s the resilience of high carbon steel or the flexibility of aluminum alloys, we tailor our approach to the unique characteristics of each metal.

Die and Punch Precision: Our process is an artful dance of die and punch. The die, mirroring the desired product, and the punch, a solid metal, work in harmony. Accurate placement and alignment ensure that each bend is a masterpiece, meeting the exact specifications of our clients.

Force Defined by Tonnage: The force behind our press brake is no arbitrary element. We define it with precision through tonnage, ensuring that each application of force is measured and controlled for optimal results.

State-of-the-Art Capabilities: Our machines boast a bending length of 4000mm, coupled with the prowess of laser cutters, shearing machines, and Ironworkers. At SupremeWire, we seamlessly design and manufacture custom parts with exacting precision.

Versatile Material Expertise: From carbon steel and stainless steel to aluminum, Hardox wear plate, and high-strength steels like Strenx (Domex), we navigate the spectrum of materials with finesse. Brass, bronze, copper, and titanium find their artistry in our hands, bending and shaping with a unique blend of skill and technology.

At SupremeWire, our commitment is to craft excellence in every bend, ensuring your projects meet the pinnacle of precision and quality.