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Complete Design and Engineering

 Engineering Services with innovative, cost-effective, value added solutions

What makes us UNIQUE


At Supreme Wire, We seamlessly integrate with your vision to unlock optimal opportunities that not only reduce costs but also enhance efficiency, elevating the overall performance of your projects.

Our pride lies in a team of licensed professional engineers (P.Eng./P.E.), each boasting extensive industry experience. With a global reach, we offer unparalleled engineering support to organizations of all scales – from small-scale assignments to ambitious large-scale projects.

Discover the SupremeWire difference, where precision meets innovation, and your custom metal fabrication needs find their perfect expression.

Who are our CLIENTS

◾️ Power Plants
◾️ Cogeneration Plants
◾️ Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Refineries
◾️ Hydrogen Generation 
◾️ Steel, Paper, Chemical
◾️ HVAC & industrial Projects◾️ Process Industry

 What we SPECIALIZE in

◾️ Piping Engineering and Stress Analysis
◾️ Pressure Vessels and equipment Design
◾️ Structural Design and Analysis
◾️ Design Verification and P.Eng. Certification 
◾️ Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

 Digital Innovation

At SupremeWire, we harness the power of cutting-edge analytics technologies to revolutionize the industrial landscape. Our focus is on digital transformation, where we create a digital twin of your plant enriched with predictive capabilities and diagnostics. The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary:

◾️ Predictive Maintenance
◾️ Reduced Unplanned Downtime 
◾️ Improved Plant Performance 
◾️ Reduced Power Consumptions 
◾️ Utmost Safety
◾️ Enhanced Operational Insight
◾️ Proactive Issue Prediction
◾️ Streamlined Diagnostics

Experience the future of industrial operations with SupremeWire, where innovation and analytics converge to elevate your plant’s performance to unprecedented heights.